Hesby Oaks Middle School proudly offers a variety of academic, artistic and creative electives to augment the core academic programs for its young scholars.


7th and 8th grade electives


The play is the thing!!! Whether you are new to the stage or have been performing your entire life, this drama class will awaken, enable, inspire, and energize the actor within you! This year long course spends the first semester learning improvisation, acting through monologues, scenes and one-acts, the history of theatre, and mini-lessons in stage-craft (lighting, sound, directing, sets/scenery, costuming, make-up/hair, props, stage managing, and publicity). In second semester, all students will both act and produce a full-length play applying their craft and leadership into a spectacular production performed for the entire school, family, friends, and community!

Creative STEAM:

Creative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)
Do you like arts and crafts? Do you enjoy puzzles and games? Do you like to work with your hands and build things? Then Creative STEAM class is for you! In this class you will create art and engineering projects using math, technology and science; develop critical thinking skills through puzzles and games; engage in activities involving design, quilting, music, chess, robotics and more!

Environmental Science:

Do we need another hero? Yes, we do and that will be you! The Earth is in danger with climate change, drought, man-made disasters, pollution, endangered species and many other threats that the Earth is facing. Your quest to save the planet begins with your knowledge of the dynamic systems of the Earth. Then use technology as your tool to study these problems and to present and communicate solutions. Make videos, blogs, posters or music to educate and get people on board. Get involved in the school's recycling program and gardening project. Get connected by joining competitions, environmental causes and programs like Generation Earth, Heal the Bay, Tree People and many others all over the world. So save the world and make it a better place!


In Hesby's Leadership class, we start with our school, then our community, then our country, and take it out to the world. Be the Change that you'd like to see in our world. ...helping our school - Mix-it-Up Day, Dances, Spirit Days, Themed Lunches - anything you can dream up to help our friends and our school. Helping our community as Teacher Assistants or as volunteers for food drives, toys for the children's hospital, clothing drives (Sock Hop), Books for students at other schools - and more. Helping our country and the world we live in - Raising money for cancer research, ALS, New Orleans flooding and supporting clean water resources, education, and jobs for others that need through WE Schools...and more. Hesby's Online and Social Media and all student driven event advertising is up to us too. Yes, YEARBOOK - we do that, too! Students interested in Leadership are asked to fill out a short application.